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We heartily welcome you all to the Blog of Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, one of the best and topmost dental, skin and cosmetic dermatology clinic of Siliguri which provides health and beauty services in field of dentistry, dermatology(skin, hair, nail and beauty care), venereology (sexual problems and sexually transmitted diseases), leprosy and cosmetic skin surgery. Dermatologist ( skin specialist ), Dr Amit Kumar Agarwal and dental surgeon ( dentist ) Dr Shikha Agarwal will be the initial bloggers involved to enhance your experience.

We, at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri, constantly struggle to provide a unique experience to the patients and visitors of our dental, skin and cosmetic dermatology clinic.  After Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus the above blog is one more step in the direction to enhance the patient experience. We hope that this endeavor of ours will help us keep in touch with our patients at all times.

The purpose of this blog is to provide regular updates on events taking place at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic. This blog will provide details of offers applicable at our clinic from time to time.

The  dermatologist(skin specialist, dermatosurgeon and cosmetic dermatologist) associated with Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri will also use this blog as a platform to provide best possible information on treatments for disease like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne (Pimples), Vitiligo, Hair Loss (Alopecia), Nail problems and other skin related problems. He will also write on cosmetic and skin surgery procedures like chemical peeling( Glycolic Peel), radiosurgery, electrosurgery- for treatment of warts, moles and skin tags etc.

The dental surgeon (dentist) of our Siliguri clinic will provide information on teeth(tooth) and gum related problems like toothache (tooth pain), root canal treatment (RCT), scaling and polishing, crowns and bridges, bad smell from mouth (halitosis) etc. and how their treatment can be done at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri

The patients and visitors can also use this blog as a platform to connect with us. They can feel free to contact us. We will try to get in touch with you to resolve your doubts at the earliest.

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