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Copyright Policy

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Privacy Policy

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Comment Policy

In order to make our comments useful and interesting, the following guidelines need to be adhered to by the commenting user:

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Disclaimer and Disclosure is an informational and interactive website published by the owners of Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri, India. The purpose of this website is to receive feedbacks, update and inform patients about the clinic’s activities, provide health related educational and informational materials to the visitors and provide a platform for patients to interact with the clinic. Attempts are made to publish to the point and informational articles with utmost care to respect copyright issues. In case a reader finds anything offensive on the site or sees that a submission is violating copyright issues please send the details to We will take the necessary steps and try to rectify the errors at the earliest.

The educational articles are purely informational in nature. The same should not be used as a substitute for one to one real life medical advice from appropriate health care professionals. Where ever needed it is advisable to visit the nearest available health care professional for medical problems and treatment.

At times, we may monetize our content with the help of advertisements and affiliate links wherever possible. We try to ensure that only genuine products are promoted through the ads and affiliate links but we cannot guarantee their authenticity because we use third-party ad servers and ad agencies, and hence we do not always have control over the kind of ads and affiliate products that get promoted on the site.