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Dental Examination - Dr Agarwal's Clinic

Dr Shikha Agarwal, BDS, MDS is a full-time consultant dental surgeon (dentist) and oral pathologist at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri, India. She can be consulted from Monday to Saturday (Read more about the clinic timings). For queries regarding dental treatments, consultation and procedures, please book an appointment by calling the clinic at +91 98322 29559, +91 95476 12556. Details of the dental services available at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri are given below:-


  • TOOTH related problems like tooth ache (pain), fractured tooth, sensitivity of tooth, mal-alignment of teeth, missing teeth, caries tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, staining of teeth, discoloured teeth, calculus deposits etc.
  • Gum (Gingiva) related problems like bleeding gums, pain and swelling of gingiva, enlarged gums, recession of gingiva, pyorrhea etc.
  • Oral Cavity related problems like halitosis (bad breath), inability to open mouth, cancerous and noncancerous  lesions inside the oral cavity (buccal mucosa, tongue, lips etc).


  •  Root Canal Treatment (RCT) – single and multiple sittings
  • Crown and Bridge ( Replacement of missing teeth)
  • Fillings- silver and tooth colored
  • Tooth Extraction ( All types)
  • Surgical extraction of wisdom/ impacted tooth
  • Scaling and Polishing ( Cleaning of teeth)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Treatment of fractured tooth ( tooth fracture)
  • Dentures
  • Child Dentistry
  • Dental X-rays
  • Surgical correction of gingival problems like gingival recession, enlargement, swelling etc.
  • Post and Core
  • Oral cancer and precancerous lesions and conditions screening (detection)

Before you book an appointment, please take a note of the clinic timings. You may also read about the doctors team or learn a more about the services offered at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri. To help you with the clinic’s location, there is a dedicated page on how to reach the clinic. We have a membership discount scheme for the patients who require frequent consultations for their skin and dental problems. To provide patients on updates about the clinic’s activities, we publish a blog for our online visitors. If you have a query you may read more about us or feel free to contact us.