Dr Agarwal’s Clinic – Dental & Skin Experts, is one of the best, modern and advanced Dental, Skin and Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic located at Station Feeder Road, Siliguri.

Your search for a genuinely reliable dental clinic and skin, hair, nail, beauty care and cosmetic treatment centre in Siliguri ends here. Why not? After all, a glow on your skin and a smile on your face is our clinic’s topmost concern.

We assure that you will not have to look around for best consultant skin specialist doctor, cosmetic skin surgeon (dermatosurgeon), cosmetic dermatologist (cosmetologist), dental surgeon (dentist) or oral pathologist anywhere else in Siliguri.

Skin, Venereology, Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty related treatments at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri

If you are suffering from skin disease and want the best treatment options for your skin, hair or nail problems in Siliguri then you need not think twice. Our consultant dermatologist at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri will take care of your problems.

Be it consultation for eczema or psoriasis, vitiligo/ leucoderma (white patch) or pigmentation disorders like melasma or other dark spots, our skin specialist doctor will suggest the best, safe and reliable treatment plans available at Siliguri.

For treatment of beauty problems like acne (pimples), dandruff, hair loss (fall), or cosmetic skin surgery of moles, warts, skin tags, Keloid, scar or for cosmetology procedures like chemical peeling (glycolic peel) you can consult our cosmetic dermatologist at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri.

Dr Amit Kumar Agarwal is one of the few sexologist doctor in Siliguri who can be consulted for sexual (sex related) problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes genitalis etc.

Dental treatments at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri

Social embarrassment because of bad odour from mouth (halitosis), oral cavity problems or bleeding gums and related disorders will no more trouble you. Consultation by an expert dentist and best dental treatments customized specially for you is now available at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri.

Our highly experienced dental surgeon can be trusted for procedures like root canal treatment, (RCT), crowns and bridges, scaling and polishing etc. She can also be consulted at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri for tooth related disorders like toothache (pain), fractured tooth, impacted wisdom, missing tooth, caries tooth etc.

Dr Shikha being an expert oral pathologist can be consulted for screening of oral cancers. She is one of the few oral pathologists in Eastern India and probably the only one in Siliguri who can be consulted for oral cancer screening.

About the Blog

Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri constantly struggles to provide a unique experience to its patients and visitors. After YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, the clinic has now come out with a blog for its online visitors.

The purpose of this blog is to update and inform its patients and visitors about the activities taking place at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic. The clinic will also publish educational and informational articles on skin and beauty, hair and nail, oral and dental care. This blog can also be used as a platform by the patients to interact with the top dermatologist (skin specialist) and best dental surgeon (dentist) of Dr Agarwal’s Clinic, Siliguri.   Please visit the blog to read articles on skin, hair, nail & dental care and cosmetic treatments for pigmentation, hair loss and procedures like laser tattoo removal, glycolic peeling etc.

About the Doctors

Dr Amit Kumar Agarwal, MBBS, DDVL is the consultant skin specialist, dermatosurgeon and cosmetic dermatologist of our clinic at Siliguri.

Dr Shikha Agarwal, BDS, MDS is the consultant dental surgeon and oral pathologist of our Siliguri Clinic.Read more about the doctors of Dr Agarwal’s Clinic

The Vision

We at Dr Agarwal’s Clinic see ourselves as the most ethical and trusted brand in the field of dental, skin and beauty care. Patient’s welfare being our topmost priority, we will never compromise on quality for monetary gains. We commit ourselves to follow a policy of not to advise or suggest our patients’ unnecessary and costly second line treatment when better, effective, safe and cheaper first line options are available. That is and will be our guiding principle throughout.